Helwan Iron and steel complex was inaugurated in 1973. It is 30 km’s from Cairo. Final stages of the project  was completed in 1979, at a total cost of E.P 516 million.

  • Components

    • 2 blast furnaces
    • Sintering unit
    • Steel unit
    • Iron rolling
    • Foundry
    • Lime and dolomite furnaces
    • Dolomite refractory unit
    • Iron scrap unit
    • Labs, workshops and stores
    • Gas services unit
    • Oxygen unit
    • Steam and compressed air unit
    • Industrial water cooling towers
    • Power station Extension of the complex: The aim is to increase the iron and steel production from 300000 ton/year to 1.5 m. tons/year

  • Coke Co. fourth battery

    The project was carried out in 1991 at a cost of EG.P 85 million to produce 560000 ton/year of coke.
  • Helwan refractory complexes

    IMPA supervised the execution of the first stage of the project, at an area of 215000 m2. and a cost of EP 27 million. The project includes a river port at an area of 33000 m2. Productivity is 45000 ton/year.
  • Complementary projects executed by IMPA

    • El tebbin High Metallurgical Studies Institute.
    • Railway roads and yards at the factory premises
    • Extension of El tebbin river port
    • Electricity network
    • High voltage electric line, samalout- Alwahat Al baharia.
    • El tebbin river port conveyor belt.
    • El tebbin tramway
    • El tebbin water plant.