Extensive experience and distinguished prequalification along 45 years give IMPA creditability and potentiality to keep on sustainable high level performance. Our distinctive clients, whether owners, contractors or consultants witness such professional level. Being one of the state’s economic and executive authorities concerned with engineering consultations and services, IMPA has an access to means and instruments of cooperation and mutual trust with other authorities as far as preparing studies, planning and carrying out projects are concerned.

IMPA  has the competence to found stock companies solely or in combination with other partners after approval of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. IMPA has considerable experienced manpower available in most republic’s governorates, thus a direct accessibility to sites is easily attained. Available well trained permanent and temporary human resources in all specialties within an integrated organizational structure guarantee accuracy, creditability and sustainability.

Available assets and material potentialities that can be oriented as a basic infrastructure supporting SUCH engineering and executive work are:

  • A systematic and flexible work environment integrated with supporting service networks.
  • A technical archive of complete reference of previously executed studies, documents, drawings, designs and contracts, supports current and post delivery and operation services and provides communication links with clients in the stages of extension.
  • An integrated information center that provides information database and accompanying technical support, information system of devices, programs, data network, electronic encyclopedia and information security.
  • Central, secondary and electronic libraries of standard specs reference codes, booklets and periodically updated relevant scientific research.
  • Integrated department of survey work equipped with relevant electronic devices ready to effectively move everywhere at all stages of projects locally and abroad.
  • Engineering testing laboratories equipped with testing devices and available exclusive trained manpower, keeping good quality, timely performance and fair cost.
  • Open and covered large storing areas provided with cranes and required operation equipment.
  • Miscellaneous tec. workshops.
  • Transportation department that meets the project requirements all over the regions round the day.
  • Internal training center equipped with necessary requirements for promoting labor skills, handling and exchanging experiences.
  • Available training courses, seminars and workshops in all engineering, financial, administrative, legal and technical fields locally and abroad.
  • Permanent link with specialized research bodies, experts and consultants to entirely meet work requirements.
  • Permanent acquaintance with updated rules, systems and continuous communication with decision makers to maximize making use of potentialities to be optimally invested so as to attain value added.
  • Open mindedness and targeted link with parties of engineering process to reach highest quality on time and at lowest effort and cost.
  • Distinguished and sustainable service to meet client’s requirements and consent according to available resources is our aim.