Welcome, visitors of our web site. The Industrial and Mining Projects Authority (IMPA) is one of the authorities of the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry. IMPA provides engineering consultancy and services, and execution and management of construction and development projects and relevant infrastructure work.

As a specialized authority, we recruit our faculties, capacities and methods for the benefit of our clients and partners locally and abroad. We provide optimal package of integrated engineering and logistic services for the planning, design, execution and management of projects, sea ports, utilities and industrial & economic entities, as well as setting up specialized joint stock companies that serve and support investment plans with a vision focusing on developmental and environmental dimension and coping with modern trends and performance criteria of green economy. These activities are given in consideration of flexible and competitive fees that boost the values of communication, sustainability and confidence among main parties of the project (Owner, Consultant, Contractor).

Through this website, we are pleased to provide an open field for a fruitful communication by publishing a briefing on IMPA, its executive board and constituents. We’ve shown most important events and presented our studies through our media center in addition to previous accomplishments that support outstanding services and boost our competitive and comparative advantages. For further communication, we have initially provided a link to add the activities of companies and entities to our registers in the field of mutual specializations, giving a chance to cooperate and become acquainted with each other.

Your participation and suggestions regarding services and investment opportunities will receive our highest concern.

IMPA is keen to develop performance and provide facilities for investors, clients and concerned bodies, so we currently prepare most basic data and statistics on projects and investment opportunities and services to be ready to browse through the interactive electronic site now being coordinated with the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

We are looking forward to provide distinctive services that meet your requirements and gain your consent.

We eventually hope that our mutual efforts shall yield fruitful results for the benefit of national and regional economy.

IMPA President

Engineer: Mohamed Anwar Mohamed.