Purpose of the project

Establishing an industrial park for small scale industries, that

  • Provides work opportunities.
  • Controls trespassing of random workshops into residential area.
  • Produces industrial component of high quality and low cost.
  • Promote the competitiveness of big scale industries through feeding industries.
  • Develops technical and administrative skills.

Small scale industrial projects’ plan

  • Short term plan: The plan includes the establishment  of complexes all over the country (9 complexes to date).
  • Long term plan: Establishment  of  industrial parks inside the integrated industrial zones and industrial areas.

Description of industrial units

  • 4000 industrial units, in the field of engineering, food, chemical, spinning and weaving, electrical, metallurgical industries.
  • 40000 work opportunities are available, of a 400 million pound investment.
  • Six meter hight wards in different lengths.
  • Wards are divided into typical industrial units.
  • An open area available in front of each unit for handling purposes.
  • Units are provided with water and electricity.

Units are marketed according to following systems

  • Rent.
  • Cash ownership.
  • A 30-year monthly installment ownership.
  • Corporate leasing.