Our Vision

IMPAis keen to keep up the criteria of efficiency, effectiveness and economic and promotional capabilities as a consultative expertise firm in the field of carrying out national industrial and development projects, providing its services to neighboring Arab and African countries. IMPA seeks to effectively participate in the current development and progress move, thus serving and contributing in the accomplishment of national economy’s investment plans.


IMPAis committed to provide a distinctive and integrated consultative services that realize the client’s consent according to modern trends, conforming to engineering principles and quality criteria at a flexible competitive fee, using the latest technological systems and programs, and technical and administrative expertise accumulated along 45 years, taking into consideration that improved service priority precedes profitability.

IMPA endeavors to transformstate’s plans into action programs and projects that meet the country’s needs and yield great economic returns. IMPA orients all potentials for encouraging Egyptian, Arab and foreign investment and caries out infrastructure and services supporting the industrial activity and thus enhancing the investors’ competitiveness towards producing high quality products. It encourages all levels of private sector through providing miscellaneous investment opportunities so that the whole society shall eventually be an investment oriented one, starting from small scale villages up to major projects.

IMPAgives a first-place priority to small and medium scaleprojects within the framework ofstate’s development plans beside boosting major projects and providing work opportunities and upgrading chances for most young men.

IMPA plans to establish as much industrial and mining projectsas possibleto accomplish value added and attract world investment corporations that apply modern technology to produce high quality and high demandproducts.

IMPA seeks to widen the scope of effective partnership and maximize the exploitation of potentialities and resources available to establish economic entities and stock companies supported by private sector and qualified local and foreign financing and operation bodies, so that highest returns of investment opportunities can be attained.

Benefiting from international agreements in the field of development and cooperation with neighboring countries. can orient its experience to plan and carry out economic projects in such countries. Mutual economic representation can thus be strengthened.

IMPA seeks to modernize and widen the scope of services rendered to investors and clients providing consultation, logistics and investment plans via electronic service web site in coordination with the Ministry of Industry.

As investment in human resources is remarkably important, IMPA aims at meeting the needs required for innovation and sustainable improvement. Up to date training and provision of high tec. and continuous encouraging are among most important IMPA concerns.


  • Quality
  • Distinction
  • Trust worthiness
  • Creation and innovation
  • Teamwork spirit
  • Community participation
  • Continuous employees training
  • Fulfillment of client needs
  • Environmental contribution and sustainable development
  • Maximizing the value added