The Iron and Steel Complexes Authority was founded in 1969 to carry out one of the biggest iron, steel and Coke factories in the region. After the handing over of Helwan Iron and Steel Factory and due to the experience acquired in the field of feasibility studies, engineering design and management and supervision of such an industrial project, a republican decree was issued to proceed in carrying out industrial and mining projects. Accordingly, the Industrial and Mining Projects Authority (IMPA) was established in 1979. IMPA is affiliated to the Ministry of Trade and Industry. IMPA carries out engineering studies, research, design, drawings and consultancy required for executing industrial and mining projects.

IMPA has been assigned the execution of national projects, carrying out research and technical studies especially in the field of industrial zones, utilities and infrastructure. IMPA handles the procedures of financing projects, handing them over to competent bodies for operation. IMPA’s scope of work involves the selection of work sites, carrying out survey work, preparing feasibility studies, layouts, design, technical details and specifications, tender documents, time schedules as well as supervising work and monitoring time, cost and quality, conducting material tests and projects’commissioning and taking over.

IMPA has been assigned the construction of industrial zones all over the country within the state’s plan of industrial development. IMPA is entitled to establish joint stock companies solely and in combination with one or more partners. Stocks can be handled as soon as the company is founded.
Due to the volume of work performed and responsibilities shouldered by IMPA, a good deal of experience has accumulated and a qualified and trained staff has been available in the field of carrying out and managing industrial projects and complexes, designing and constructing utilities and infrastructure required for industrial zones.

Field of Work

  • Infra Structure Projects
  • Sea Ports
  • Industrial Development Projects
  • Studies, Research and Consultancy Services
  • Management of Industrial Projects & Complexes
  • Drinking and Sanitary Water Plants

Past and Present Experience

  • New Valley (Abutartur) Phosphate Project
  • Spinning and Weaving Industrial Zone, Kafr El Dawar.
  • Leather City Project, Robiky area.
  • Safaga and Dekheila Sea Ports construction work.
  • Nine Local Industrial Complexes.
  • Four Industrial Zones Study at The Republic of Yemen.
  • Sixteen Drinking Water Plants all over the country.
  • Industrial Zones at several local provinces.

Brief history of projects

  • The Industrial and Mining Authority (IMPA), the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry,has constructed several projects along more than 4 decades. Among these projects constructed in Egypt are the Iron and Steel Factory; the Abutartur Phosphate Mining Project; El dekheila Sea Port, Alexandria;Safaga sea port; Water plants; Industrial Zones and Industrial Complexes.
  • IMPA has constructed several small scale industry complexes in many provinces in Egypt (Borg El Arab, Sadat, 10th of Ramadan, Aswan,etc.) in the field of industries such as mining, food stuffs, chemicals, spinning and weaving, electricity, engineering, leather tanning, building materials,etc..
  • IMPA has been planning industrial zones; preparing executive drawings, measurements and specifications for networks and infrastructure work, as well as supervising the executive stages, for example; Beer El Abd, Elkharga, Eldakhla, Biadh El Arab, Kom Abu Radhi industrial zones.
  • The ministry has currently adopted an integrated strategy to construct specialized industrial complexes at the level of the republic as a developmental and technical solution to create a sort of industrial integration between major and minor factories. This contributes to deepening the country’s local industrialization in addition to creating a good atmosphere for industrial investment in the field of small and medium scale industries, thus developing the country’s economy and providing many work opportunities for young men.
  • IMPA has launched a new generation of specialized industrial zones starting with Kafr El Dawar Spinning and Weaving cluster project, relying on the reuse of the unexploited lots of lands belonging to public sector companies in order to establish new industrial zones and develop and promote the existing ones. IMPA has presently been preparing studies of AL Mahalla Al Kobra weaving industries project.
  • IMPA has coordinated with The Egyptian Industrial Development Authority affiliated to the Ministry of Trade and Industry for the construction of the Robiki Leather City Project, currently being finalized. The project is a specialized industrial zone for leather tanning and processing carried out within the state’s plan of relocating tanneries from the highly dense and polluted Magra Al Oyoun area (Old Cairo) to the new Robiky suburb . A plan that aims to solving the problem of pollution resulting from tannery activities handled at the downtown area of the capital. The plan includes updating tannery industry and developing the old area and providing many work opportunities for the youth.